The BCRC believes that we all benefit from diversity, that it is imperative to anyone to provide an inclusive and accepting environment free of bigotry and judgement. As an organization rooted in the teachings of Christ we feel it is our calling to love, period. We do not judge or discriminate. We seek opportunities to learn better practices for engaging with our community in the Brazos Valley. And while the calling of our founding members may be rooted in religion, we do not feel that it is necessary nor is it acceptable to expect those we serve, those who help serve the community, or those who are leaders in the community to focus their efforts towards evangelism.


We are here to serve the community, and we respect those of different religions, those who choose not to practice religion, or those who are quasi-religious, so please do not let differences of religious practices prevent you from serving the community or allowing the community to serve you. We serve and welcome ALL.


If you feel you have been discriminated against, please immediately email and describe the incident, including as much detail as possible. 

As a result of our Community Drive on 2/18-21/21, we were able to offer the announcement through Spanish Media. Because of this we were met with an immense response from a community that is clearly underserved simple because of language barriers and also, fear of judgement resulting from Personal Identifications. Thanks to our bilingual community partners, we have set a goal of offering all information in a bilingual format by the end of April 2021. 

We are committed to serving the community, and that means ALL of the community. 

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